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      Hundreds of Classical Products Serve Thousands of Households
      New products create new opportunities online——International Trade Division attends the new-product launch event of the 128th Canton Fair

        The International Trade Division has gained more and more recognition and been favored around the industry by making good use of 40 years of accumulation and R&D. After screening, jeans, children's wear and sweater were selected to participate in the new-product launch event of the 128th Canton Fair.

        Anchors and designers jointly appeared on the screen and made every effort to present their new and innovative products. Through adding innovative design and displaying supply chain capability, new products, creative, unique and quality, were successfully presented to the global customers.

        Our company pays close attention to and makes good use of both domestic and international markets. Aiming at the aesthetic trend of the domestic market, our company innovatively added new products with domestic selling style to create a dual cycle of domestic and international market,and foster a new pattern of mutually reinforcing development.

        International Trade Division actively embraces the new changes in the digital era to build a solid foundation and generate new drivers of growth. Thus, International Trade Division is confident enough to win the final victory in the decisive arena.