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      About GLIG
      Carrying century-lasting classics to serve life of customers
      Business Scope
      What we do
      Building an internationally competitive
      consumer goods and service group
      Strategic Partners
      The 25th China Coat will be held in Zone A of China Import and Export Fair in Guangzhou from December 8 to 10. Over the past 25 years, China Coat has witnessed the rapid development of coating industry in China. It is held alternately in Guangzhou and Shanghai every year. With more than 38,000 visitors from 89 countries and more than 1,260 exhibitors from 32 countries or regions, Shanghai Exhibition 2019 is a well-known exhibition in the coating industry.
      Recently, the Xinhua News Agency reported on our company's performance at the Canton Fair in New Data Shows China's Economic Momentum is Stable and Sustainable. It can be said that it fully affirmed our company's high-quality development in China-Africa trade. At the same time, Xinhuanet, Guangzhou Daily, Nanfang Daily and Canton Fair WeChat News and other media have reported on our company.